About Recipe Frenzie

Recipe Frenzie is a website dedicated to the curation of recipes collected from various sources.  Some of the recipes were shared by friends and colleagues.  Some of them were clipped from the mail box section of newspapers, while others have been collected from syndicated services.

All of the recipes on this site are free for the taking. Use them to create new culinary adventures for yourself, your family and your friends.  I would truly appreciate it if you would share these recipes with others and tell them about Recipe Frenzie. My goal is to create a huge community of foodies who share the joys of cooking and creating wonderful memories with their food creations.

The original Recipe Frenzie website was hacked and taken down in November 2016.  I was devastated. I has just started my major posting for the upcoming food festivities for the 2016 holiday season. Most of the recipes from my original site have been lost, although I may still be able to rescue these recipes from a hurried download of the database before I had to completely shut the site down. Some of the recipes I received from friends are still at my finger tips and will go back up on this site.

It has taken almost two years to find the most secure, reliable and trust worthy hosting plan to house my recreated website. It is my hope that you receive as much joy from collecting these recipes for your own kitchen creations as it has been for me to collect them and post them here for all to use.

Mangiare con grande gioia! – “Eat with great joy!”

The Computer Gourmet